Ozone Therapies

Medical Ozone IV THERAPY

Medical Ozone Therapy is used to detox,
kill infection treat disease, boost the
immune system and improve the body’s
intake and use of oxygen

Ozone Therapies:


We create medical grade ozone (03) by using medical oxygen (02) and an
electromagnetic charged ion machine to attach O to the 02 (00) + 02) = 03) During an
Ozone treatment, blood is withdrawn and mixed with normal saline and ozone gas. The
03 quickly turns back into O and 02 as it mixes with blood and saline, and an IV drip
returns the hyper-oxygenated fluid back into the bloodstream, This will help modulate
immune responses.

Our IV vitamin cocktail treatments have helped patients of all types experience positive change. Some of the conditions we’ve worked to treat include:

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