How much is the consultation fee?

Consultation fee with Dr. Haque ND, PHD (Virtual & Local)

  First consultation: $99 

  Follow up consultation: $250

Consultation fee with Dr. Ejaj & Dr. Mahammuda (Only Virtual)

  First consultation: $50 

  Follow Up consultation: $100

International consultations: $99

* Prior to your consultation you will need to fill out an intake form that will be emailed to you. This intake form will also state where you give authorization to process your visit payment.


What is your payment policy?

To reserve your appointment, you will be asked for a credit card which will be charged at the end of each visit.


Do I continue to see my primary care or specialty physician/practitioner?

Yes. You should continue to work with your primary care or specialty healthcare provider and continue with your current treatment plan until said so by your PCP.


Which health insurance plans do you take?

At this time this is a cash-based practice only. 

Refund Policy 

The cost for visits, supplements, medications, labs and diagnostic tests is non-refundable. 

Cancelation Policy 

Appointments must be canceled 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, otherwise a missed appointment fee of $50.00 will be charged to your credit card.

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