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“We are fortunate to have someone like Dr. Haque serving and living in Houston! I don’t believe that life is all about being sick and carry about disease. Love Dr. Haque. He’s passionate about nutrition and functional medicine. He has helped me to get my family healthy in a natural way!”

"I was diagnosed with lung cancer and that was at stage four. The doctors said I had a less than an 4% chance of surviving, but now I’m cancer free, thanks God! At Holistic Health Clinic, Dr. Haque guided me with proper nutrition and natural medicine. I was able to get rid of my cancer"
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Rosie Israel
Stage IV Lung Cancer
"I have been suffering from various health issues such as diabetes, infection in my throat, GI tract, and digestive issues for over 10 years and looking for answers from countless specialists. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Haque. I finally reversed all of my health problems with Dr. Haque’s holistic approach."
client review
Mahbub Alamgir
Healed throat infection and reversed type II diabetes!
"Dr. Haque is like my mentor. He was my professor when I was in college and now, he is my doctor in Holistic Health Clinic. When I met him for the first consultation for myself and my two daughters. I knew that he was real, and he knows what he was talking about."
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Latoria Hall
Health for her family
"I have visited Dr. Haque several times over the past 8 months. I have pancreatitis and digestive issues and related health problems. Dr. Haque has changed my life for the better! He successfully solved all these problems. I am now off of most of my supplements and I feel awesome! He treated the root cause"
Cured Acute Pancreatitis
"My morning Blood sugar decreased from 200s to 90s. After visiting with Holistic Health Care to consult Dr. Haque, I went from 140 units of insulin to ZERO units in just 5 days! Also, my husband had high blood pressure, and his asthma that was not in control. Dr. Haque found some other hidden health issues"
Massiel Carrillo
Diabetes and High Blood Pressur
"I have been a diabetic for the last 18 years, and as my heart got several blockages, kidney also got affected and joints hurt. During the health restoration program with Dr. Haque, my A1C has dropped from 14.5 to 5.8. Now, I’m completely out of medications and I feel really good."
Mia Seraj
Diabetes and heart blockage

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

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