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Boost your energy and immune system with medical IV drip/therapy  administered by experienced nurse practitioners under the supervision of a medical director MD

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We are rated the best Integrative and Functional Medicine clinic in the United States of America. We have highly rated functional medicine doctors with MDs. Our comprehensive physical exam and analysis of lab results help us find the root causes of your health problems and possible solutions!

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Client Reviews

Jechi Khan
Jechi Khan
April 6, 2022.
Even kind a late to understand what is Dr. Haque is teaching, so now we take the full responsibility for our food habit, as a result of that I only can tell you our personal success and one of them would be my husband is not taking his high blood pressure medicine anymore. Really an achievement for us!!
Mitu tahsina
Mitu tahsina
March 30, 2022.
I have lots of health issues like high liver Enzyme, High Cholesterol ,Period Issues, Sugar High-count loose weight, Auto Immune Disease .i was so frustrated and one day i found DR.Hauque video at facebook.i started follow his page .and contacted with him and stated the treatment.I have loos 12 pound weight in 4 weeks and other issues is getting back in good shape.
Yasmin Hossain
Yasmin Hossain
March 26, 2022.
After using this program from Dr. Haque, the quality of my health has improved tremendously! I’ve been able to get a good nights sleep and function great throughout my day as well as improve on my existing health conditions. My internal organs are functioning much better thanks do Dr. Haque. I greatly appreciate the health services provided and I will recommend to others!
Joy Umoekpo
Joy Umoekpo
March 21, 2022.
I have had a pretty good experience with Dr. Haque and everyone who works with him. His advice has helped me with my issues and I plan to keep receiving advice from him for the foreseeable future.
Burhan Uddin
Burhan Uddin
March 18, 2022.
This is Burhan Uddin; 52 years old maintain healthy diet and enjoying life with good mission and vision. I would like to share my personal health and how it is recovered. It is amazing and blessing for me to meet with Dr. Mojibul Haque who help me to start a new life with cardio issue feel like no issue in my body. In 2014, I was diagnosed for cardio problem and doctor put me two stents in my artery and also, I have been pre-diabetic for last 5 years and I have been suffering from sleep insomnia. I used to take 4 medicine daily and I thought I would be doing so for the rest of my life. In the end of 2021, my cardio Dr suggested me that I need to go for angiography process and may be needed another stent. I was so worried, and I was thinking which direction I should forward myself to resolve my health issue. I was blessed when remembered about Dr Haque’s video on YouTube interview. Initially, I started to follow his diet plan with body detoxification. In addition, he prescribed me some vitamin supplements. At the same time, I also started light exercise and gradually increase the time from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. After couple of weeks, I started feeling better and I lost 20 pounds in 2 months. I was started drinking green smoothie and following his low carb diet plan. Now my A1C is normal and my HDL and LDL is good level. Dr Haque was very nice and very attentive with me. He gives time and explains about the root cause of the disease. I am very much pleased when I see he takes care of every section of the human body. His research based functional medicinal approach is so effective that I could not compare with others!!!
mostaque tahamid
mostaque tahamid
March 11, 2022.
I’ve had a great experience here center of Integrative Medicine and I’ve lost weight a good amount of weight. I also have more energy now and overall better health. I also had a urinate infection and now I’ve healed it thanks to Dr. Haque
Mohammad Hossain
Mohammad Hossain
March 10, 2022.
I had a bypass surgery four & half years ago. Since I came to dr. Haque and having treatment from him my prostrate is now normal.My overall health is very good now. Blood pressure and cholesterol is doing very well. I am very satisfied with treatment and staff is very kind. Highly recommended for others seeking treatment with similar or other health problems.
Kamrul Islam (TheTallGiraffe_04)
Kamrul Islam (TheTallGiraffe_04)
March 3, 2022.
amazing service, my whole family has benefited from this as we are doing much better now through the use of their medication my family has been feeling much more energetic and these traditional medications are just useless and I'd rather prefer to pay extra to stay fit and well
Yesenia Gonzalez
Yesenia Gonzalez
February 1, 2022.
I came to see Dr. Haque to address my subclinical hypothyroidism. I didn’t was to take medicine to correct it, but was looking for a more natural and holistic approach. Dr. Haque put me on a detox for 30 days and prescribe some supplements to get my body running at 100%. Although some days were challenging, it was worth it in the end. In just a month, my TSH levels are back in normal range, energy levels are up, and I dropped a few pounds as an added bonus. Thank you for your guidance Dr. Haque!

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with medical IV therapy drip administered by experienced nurse practitioners

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