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Candida Complete


Candida Complete supports optimal GI microflora balance through a blend of nutrients, natural botanical extracts, and fatty acids.

About this product:

  • PROMOTES MICROBIAL BALANCE: Immune challenges and inflammatory balance are key features associated with the gut, with about 70% of the immune system present in the functioning of the gut. Candida Complete includes potent botanicals that ensure microbial balance such as berberine HCl, Pau d’Arco, oregano, rosemary, cinnamon, and ginger.
  • INCREASES ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION: It includes biotin which helps to build a healthy GI flora by inhibiting the conversion of yeast into aggressive fungal forms.
  • MAINTAINS GI COMFORT: The presence of potent botanicals also works to soothe the GI tract.
  • ENHANCES IMMUNE FUNCTION: The presence of sodium caprylate also creates a hostile environment for colonization and prevents the metabolism of Candida yeast.



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