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Comprehensive Full Body Exam

A comprehensive physical body exam allows us to evaluate your health and nutritional status along with occasional laboratory testing. It helps approach the assessment of an individual’s health. When it comes to your health, remember knowledge is power. Physical examination is an important process when evaluating the anatomic findings through observation, palpation, and auscultation. Once this information is attained we consolidate it with the patient’s history and pathophysiology. This helps both physician and patient get straight to the point on figuring out what is the best way to start regaining perfect health. It is important to always begin with a comprehensive full-body exam when consulting.

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The information that can be obtained from a single touch or physical observation is definitely mind blowing to the blind eye. It is very important to not only know a patient’s history but also personally see how the body itself is showing signs of illness. Comprehending how severe an illness is and the treatment required is one of our main goals to be able to find the main cause of a patient’s illness.

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